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'Knowing not showing'

A well known icon of couture once mused ‘fashion changes but style endures’. The Attaché Pouch by I am Nobilis Atelier endeavours to encapsulates this timeless spirit.

Born from the values of I am Nobilis, Atélier's foundations are to create timeless and stylish accoutrements for a discerning and and sophisticated clientele. Pieces which in themselves become subtly iconic.

In creating Atélier we took our own 'Grand Tour' through Parisienne leather showrooms, fairs in Milan and artisan craftsmen across Europe.

This quest was coupled with finding the details of a perfect curve, an elegant silhouette and proportion, the perfect glide of a zip and finally luxurious durability of Alcantara.

In a world, where with only a few notable exceptions, fashion has become too fast and furious. Through our countless local trips though Mayfair and Knightsbridge, we caught sight of some unfortunate souls who seemed to have been recently assaulted by a luxury department store or overly efficient sales assistant.

I am Nobilis Atelier looks forward to a simpler age. An age of beautiful materials, craftmanship, style and longevity. Something timeless, which can be cherished and age well. Something to be used, cared for and becomes a ‘hardy perennial’ in the style of life.

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