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Our products are made from the highest quality materials to ensure the longevity and beauty of your product. With the correct care your purchase will last for many years. As leather is a natural product it will age well and over time will develop its own unique character.


To preserve the appearance of your product, we recommend following these guidelines for its care:






Be careful not to scratch or rub your product

against abrasive surfaces.


Always store after use in the provided

flannel bag or box.


Do not carry heavy products which may

affect the shape of the bag.


Protect your product from humidity, direct

sources of heat and sunlight.


Avoid contact with liquids, hand cream,

hand sanitiser, make-up and perfume.


Should it become wet, dry it immediately

with a soft cloth.


Refrain from ‘feeding’ the leather with products

such as waxes, polishes or creams.



To occasionally clean the leather exterior of your bag, very gently wipe the surface with a soft slightly damp cloth and dry with a soft dry cloth. Do not scrub.




Elegant and functional at the same time, Alcantara combines qualities of softness, richness of colour and is easy to maintain. In order to preserve the beauty of the Alcantara lining, it is recommended that occasional gentle cleaning is carried out. 



To clean, gently wipe away excess dust and wipe the Alcantara delicately with a clean cloth. Additional cleaning can be carried out with a slightly moistened white cotton cloth and then let it dry naturally.


Do not use wipes or soap and do not steam. 

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