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Inspired by the classical concept of 'The Grand Tour', I am Nobilis Atélier celebrates the spirit and style of this luxurious sojourn.


Historically, this noble voyage was for the well-heeled travelling to cultivate their education in life's more refined pursuits.

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The tour began by journeying to Paris to rub shoulders with high society to hone etiquette and visit the court of a king. Then it continued southwards across the Alps, to renaissance cities of Florence, Como and Venice to mingle with their more courtable cousins to be wined, dined and ermined, giving the ultimate lifestyle excursion to experience the wonders and luxuries of Europe.


Today, our modern essentials are far fewer. The Attaché is influenced by the spirit of the voyage. But more than just places, it’s about the travelling mind's knowledge, wisdom and memories, and along with it, mastering the art of carrying less. After all, the rest should be with the valet. 

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‘Not all those who wander are lost’


J.R.R. Tolkien

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