I am Nobilis was founded by Jack Scott and Melinda Lee after 20+ years working with high profile clients including British Airways, Waitrose, Selfridges, BMW, Amore Pacific and many boutique and luxury brands.


Based in Notting Hill, London, we are surrounded by innovation, trends and lifestyle brands an having both worked and lived in Europe, Asia, US and Australasia, we have first hand ‘on-ground’ international market experience.

Like a 'polymath', our philosophy is supported by a multi-disciplinary approach and born from in-depth luxury consumer understanding, which helps our clients to deliver responsive 'best-in-class' brands and experiences.



Commerce & creativity

After working with CEO’s and key members of institutions, we understand how businesses ‘really’ work beyond design,  further delving into the intuitive nature of the brand and its culture. Being active in the design industry ourselves, we passed on our knowledge and recognition of the importance of  these philosophies and best practices to both the internal teams at design companies as well as at institutions including Hongik University in Seoul.

Knowledge through 'own' experiences

Having previously founding our own luxury brand, sold in Harrods and launched at Cartier Polo, we have us real insight into the dynamics of how and what it takes for brands to really succeed and the expertise of being agile and responsive to localisation, seasonality and trends.


Jack Scott (bio)
From Soho to Seoul
His career began in Soho, London in 1992, with one of the leading and influential agencies of the time, Davies/Baron (Futurebrand). After many successful projects, he later joined the awarding wining agency JHP, as Strategic Creative Director to develop their strategic and premium sector portfolio.
During his experience, he collaborationed on major projects with VCCP, Grey (G2), Saatchi&Saatchi, Ridley Scott Associates and continues to work with many top photographers.
After a chance encounter with the Samsung family, he relocated to South Korea, as Global Creative Director of Chaebol multinational SPC Group, working directly with the billionaire Chairman, Young-in, Hur (Forbes 2016). 

Melinda Lee (bio)
Asia and Beyond
Growing up and Jakarta and Singapore, Melinda holds a Master of Design degree from University of New South Wales Sydney Australia, later working a multi-disciplinary agency, creatively leading projects for the Arab Bank of Australia, Coca Cola and Sony.
Now in the northern hemisphere, she is establishing herself in Notting Hill, London since 2003, worked with One&Only Resorts, destination projects for The Gherkin, Grace Residences St Moritz and Raffles. Melinda continues to work on Investment branding projects across Pan-European projects, with niché focus for luxury brand creations including Princess d’Isenbourg Caviar and art direction/stylist for the Fairmont Residences in Royal Palm in Marrakech.