About I am Nobilis



I am Nobilis was founded by Jack Scott and Melinda Lee after 20+ years working with high profile clients including British Airways, Waitrose, Amore Pacific and many boutique luxury brands.


Based in Notting Hill, London,  everyday we are surrounded by innovation, trends and lifestyle. Having both worked and lived in Europe, Asia, US and Australasia, we real first hand ‘on ground’ international market experience.

Our philosophy lies in seeing a brand holistically and delivering every aspect from strategy to art direction through to service style with exacting attention to detail to deliver unique benefit to the consumer.

'Attention to details'

Knowledge through 'real' experience


Having previously founding our own luxury brand, sold in Harrods and launched at the Cartier Polo, gave us real insight into the dynamics of ‘how brands really work’.


Many of the philosophies have been taught both internally at companies as well as at instituions including Hongik university in Seoul

Commerce & creativity


After working with CEO’s and key members of institutions like SPC group ($6 billion sales), British Airways, Amore Pacific, Waitrose and Hyundai we understand how businesses ‘really’ work.


Having previously founding our own luxury brand, sold in Harrods and launched at the Cartier Polo, gave us real insight into the dynamics of ‘how brands really work’.



Jack Scott BIO

After studying art, film and media, Jack worked started work in Soho, London in 1992 for one of the leading most influential agencies at the time, Davies/Baron (latterly Futurebrand). He later joined JHP in shares-holding position and working strategic creative director focusing on premium and luxury international accounts.


After being headhunted by the Samsung family, he relocated to South Korea, as Global Creative Director of chaebol multinational SPC Group working directly with Billionaire Chairman Young-in, Hur (Forbes 2016). While in Korea, he mentored and taught a Hongik (architecture and design) University Seoul.

During his experience he worked in collaborations on major projects with VCCP, Grey (G2), Saatchi & Saatchi and Ridley Scott Associates.

Melinda Lee | Creative Director | I am N
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More than creative directors


We've traversed the branding world through its many genres, sectors and disciplines. Worked with and for the well knowns and independents. Taught and been taught. From the start been thrown in at the cultural and creative deep end.

The only constant is change


Mediums change and evolve from grand gestures of architecture, emergent digital and changing formats but sometimes it’s the tiniest detail and the Ogilvy ’Hathaway shirt’ moment that leaves the longest impression in the consumers mind.


Articulation of brands 


Some notable chapters included dimensionalising luxury, redefining Austrian banking, being courted by the Samsung owner, starting our brands, dabbling in commercial property markets, advising Ritz Carlton and other global institutions.


All the greatest businesses came for infectious enthusiasm and doing things a bit differently. Design is one of the tools, maverick spirit another with common sense as the solvent.