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Whether it's a grand gesture of architecture, a disruptive fashion shoot, a digital retail experience or the scent when one enters a room. Sometimes it's the smallest, effortless detail that can leave the longest lasting impression.

Beyond Branding...

Based in Notting Hill, London, we've traversed the world as Strategic Creative Directors for over 20 years and been fortunate to work with some of the worlds most influential brands and individuals.


Our unique multi-disciplinary approach is born from in depth consumer understanding,  which helps our clients to deliver responsive 'best in class' brand experiences.




'As brands grow and mature they become more complex and face a constant challenge to ‘respond’ to the ever-changing over saturated market and the demands of the discerning consumer.


Luxury brands need to work harder to differentiate as clients expectations are discerning and finely tuned'


What is Brand calibration?

Brand calibration is a considered approach for the ever changing and saturated marketplace. It utilises our multidisciplinary skills including strategy, creative, marketing, business and other miscellany with  meaningful hands-on help make to our clients' brands more focused, responsive and save cost.


Refined 'through brand' experiences 


Brand calibration is about subtleties and refinement, responsive and to the wants and needs of the demanding consumer. Our proven approach ensures the true brand vision, sometimes 'lost in translation'  is delivered with integrity and elan.

We take an holistic view of the brand, make recommendations of how it can be enhanced, solve complex problems and help with strategies and implementation across digital, print, environment and service.

 We specialise in premium and luxury sector including food & beverage, fashion, hospitality, beauty, finance and travel. Our backgrounds have given us a unique understanding of the European and Asia markets and their consumer mindsets.





Start Calibration


We could all do with a ’little calibration’ from time to time. Contact us to discuss the benefit your brand





Rebrands are expensive and often a just a new livery design and don't understand the fundamentals of the business and how to enable it to sell more.


Working with our clients we refresh their existing assets, update their tone of voice, vision and story and articulating them and adding benefit throughout the entire brand.

Understanding consumers it at the heart of everything we do.

 We understand the demands of the modern luxury brand and what drives the luxury consumer from exclusivity, added value, perception, desirability, service style and ambience. By understanding their wants, needs and mindsets we can help brands deliver experiences which are memorable, sustainable, build loyalty and generate a ‘reason to return’.

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‘Sir, Enjoy Capri!’ Tods. Sloane Street. London








Tailored & cost effective

Every brand is unique with its own set of challenges. Building relationships with our clients is essential so we are able to understand their business and work with them  to enhance their offer. Initially to calibrate and make recommendations and in the future be on hand to guide and innovate new products and initiatives.

First steps...

We offer services from a consultant day rate through to full calibration service including multidisciplinary creative services.

Like a POLYMATH, I am Nobilis has specialist knowledge across many disciplines and genres to calibrate...


Tone of voice, PR, architecture, promotion, stories, trends, design strategy, aesthetics, positioning, campaigns, benchmarking, management, positioning, visual branding, delivery methodology, planning, menu development, recruitment, launches, art direction, copywriting, digital, SEO, service style, interiors, workshops, events, packaging, product design, events, marketing, pre commerce, ambience, styling, formats, flagships & ambience.

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‘The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.’

Albert Einstein


Start Calibration


We could all do with a ’little calibration’ from time to time. Contact us to discuss the benefits for  your brand